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Jack Nine Films is an award-winning, globally recognized video production company that you can trust with over 1 billion views.  


Jack Nine Films is composed by founder and Director Joshua Ramirez “Jack” and Production Director Carlos Palacios “Mr.Carlos P”. 

Jack Nine Films is going into  its 10th year anniversary, during this time Jack Nine Films has had the pleasure of working with artist such as Dj Nelson, Ñejo el Broko, Elvis Crespo, Jonz, Nio Garcia, Casper Magico, Farruko, Noriel, Almighty, Darell, Yomo, Bryant Myers, Alberto Stylee, Daddy Yankee, Pinto, Merk Montes, Nengo Flow, De La Ghetto, Alex Kyza, Messiah, J Alvarez, Jory, Carlitos Rossy, Jadakiss, Red Foxx, and hundreds of other international artists. 


Jack Nine Films took place in history with their involvement in Te Bote a song that swept the world as the number 1 hit, earning them a Gold, Platinum and Diamond RIAA certified plaque.  Jack Nine Films has directed several number 1 videos in South America and the Caribbean, helping these songs reach top of the charts in their respected genres. 

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